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Legacy to Host Fundraiser to Save NYC After School Programs

June 26, 2010

Lately it seems that the budget crisis is getting worse; last week Mayor Bloomberg announced plans to close hundreds of After School Programs. Yesterday, after the released 2011 budget, it became evident that that number will rise to 2,000 programs terminated.

It doesn’t stop there; schools who wish to have programs for their students cannot afford programs due to their own budget constraints. Every day the School Outreach staff at Legacy comes across this issue. Most recently at a meeting at PS 129, Legacy CEO, Edison A. Bardowell and Naquan Bryant, associate for school outreach realized that this is reality in most schools. PS129 a school located in Harlem, received lots of assistance from City Year and other programs last year through the funding boost from President Obama’s reinvestment grant but this year those funds are gone.

“This school needs programs for its students but they just don’t have the money, we must come up with a way to pull together resources to make it happen” Edison said. For years after school programs have been resource used by hundreds of students. These programs allow kids to experience new things, expand their minds, develop skills of all sorts and stay on track for their futures. ” It is becoming evident year after year that this budget crisis isn’t improving, and this kids are losing out all over New York City”. Edison said.

The looming cuts and dismantling of these programs will cause disruption to essential activities that bring extended learning, homework help and cultural experiences to our youth. Furthermore, after school programs allow children to stay in a positive environment rather than getting into trouble.

The vast majority of kids who participate in these programs are from families unable to afford private afterschool programs or babysitters. Should these programs be terminated, the Legacy organization is lobbying for additional funds from the Bloomberg administration. Rather than waiting to hear the inevitable the Legacy organization is being proactive by hosting its first after -school Program fundraiser this July 8th at SideBar NYC. Now is the time to show your support for a great organization that is tackling the issues affecting all our youth of New York City, lack of arts and education enrichment programs.

Legacy provides: Drum & Bugle Corps, Dance, Stepping, Tutoring, Gym Time, Drumming, Chess, and DJ Academy programs just to name a few, to NYC Schools and its students. We are one of the most innovative organizations providing new programs to stimulate and increase the artistic and education level of youth.

Admission: $15 Cover

ALL proceeds go to fund after school programs affected by budget cuts in NYC Schools. Daily we see the schools and the students affected immediately by budget cuts and program cuts due to the economy. We at Legacy feel that we should not let that halt fun, educational and enriching programs for our next generation.
Come and support Legacy Youth Organization as we raise money to keep our programs running into the new school year.

Location: SIDE BAR 120 E 15th St, New York, NY 10003

After a long hard day’s work, come out to SIDE BAR and invite your friends! We have great drink specials set up exclusively for the Legacy Fundraiser:
$3 Bud Light Drafts
2 for 1:
Vision Cocktails
Don Q Mojitos
901 Margaritas

Come out to support after school programs! Laugh, drink, and learn about how you can help by joining the Friends of Legacy community. Can’t make it? You can make a difference in the lives of thousands of youth, by making a donation to Legacy for just $25.00. We need supporters who share our vision and commitment to providing quality after- school, and performing arts programs to all youth, regardless of economic background.

Donate $25.00 today by visiting:

The Legacy Corporation and its subsidiaries is a 501 (c)-3 Not for Profit Organization.

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